Returning Home


Poem by: Mohammad Kazem Kazemi Translated into English by: Mir Hussain Mahdavi   I will go in the warm breath of the road at dusk I had walked all the way here and will walk back   And it will wake me from the hell of my desolation The table has been empty, I will fold it away   Amid ... Read More »

Maternal One


Poem by: Abotalib Mozafari Translationed into Enlish by: Mir Hussain Mahdavi   Hello mother We all became disobedient We were lost in the starvation year of sentiments   Hello mother, your infant grew up But alas your cute kid turned to a wolf   Mother, we are all captivated by wizard’s horror The given evil eye made us all immoral ... Read More »

Dervish and Whirling Tree


I ascend toward the madness of trees A madman’s smile turns to trees and all its leaves fall down to the forehead of the earth, I yellow among them.   The loneliness of the tree is innocent and untouched It comes near to my bruised darkness, whose winter rime, after the fall of forty snows, rhymes with nothing   When ... Read More »