The long road to Hamilton from Kabul. A journalist’s story


By: Jim Poling , managing editor for the Hamilton Spectator  Mir Mahdavi has travelled journalism’s many long roads and along the way he got an education. He’s a brave man. A poet, journalist and, now, a scholar. This morning, at 10:27 a.m., Mir faced a beaming crowd of McMaster University Fall Convocation graduands at Hamilton Place, bowed his head slightly as ... Read More »

How does a friend view me


By: Jim Poling,  a Managing Editor at The Hamilton Spectator Note: I know Jim for almost eight years, he’s a great man with a worm heart beating for humanity in his chest. Here’s what he has written about me in his blog. In late 2001 when the Taliban lost power in Afghanistan he hoped for a brave new world of free speech ... Read More »

Hey Karzai, What’s The Deal?


Afghan editor flees to safety in Canada Persecution shows democracy a distant dream, victim fears Jake Rupert The Ottawa Citizen Monday, October 27, 2003 Mir Hussain Mahdavi has fled Afghanistan with his wife and two children after a death sentence from an Afghan religious court. ‘If I thought it would have changed anything, I would have stayed in Kabul and ... Read More »