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Hey Karzai, What’s The Deal?


Afghan editor flees to safety in Canada Persecution shows democracy a distant dream, victim fears Jake Rupert The Ottawa Citizen Monday, October 27, 2003 Mir Hussain Mahdavi has fled Afghanistan with his wife and two children after a death sentence from an Afghan religious court. ‘If I thought it would have changed anything, I would have stayed in Kabul and ... Read More »

Dervish and Whirling Tree


I ascend toward the madness of trees A madman’s smile turns to trees and all its leaves fall down to the forehead of the earth, I yellow among them.   The loneliness of the tree is innocent and untouched It comes near to my bruised darkness, whose winter rime, after the fall of forty snows, rhymes with nothing   When ... Read More »

My pains


        Some pains are yellow Some of them are black Some are red We are also the same Some of us are yellow Some are black But the reds whitened so sooner ***. Heart’s girls all became trees –          Trees with their tress on fire- To keep the meter of their poems decent The dark pains The ... Read More »

A very white night


It was a very long and snowy night In the time when i first arrived but i was at least warm from inside I thought all the other things -the people and the snow – were cold and white. I knew if I went out, no one would understand me I decided to stay in but somehow became bored by myself I ... Read More »



  Line by line God crosses out his mistakes to keep his own lines pure, a reddening of the rose of love in shame   What I’m saying is this:  God himself Was his own biggest mistake the biggest threat to the creation God knows himself That he’s on the hook for our imprisoning cells On the hook for all ... Read More »

A sacred history of the wind


I’m not the wind To be always wandering I’m not a leaf to be always out of the blue I’m not a deer to be always wary among the leaves I’m a human A fixed stone from the beginning ** As Adam fell from heaven He became a leaf. God sent him some wind That he not feel lonely.   ... Read More »

How hate collides with arrogance

A review of “How Iran Controls Afghanistan”, by Fariba Nawa. Foreigner cultural influences in Afghanistan, especially our neighbors, have been a very important issue in Afghanistan’s contemporary history, but recently are becoming a politically problematic and theoretically ambiguous cultural matter to deal with. A review of “How Iran Controls Afghanistan”, byFariba Nawa Foreigner cultural influences in Afghanistan, especially our neighbors, ... Read More »