A very white night


It was a very long and snowy night

In the time when i first arrived

but i was at least warm from inside

I thought all the other things

-the people and the snow –

were cold and white.

I knew if I went out, no one would understand me

I decided to stay in but somehow became bored by myself

I got out of my hotel

The first person on the sidewalk

was a middle aged white man

I couldn’t call him sir but with a half smile on my face, I said “Salam”

he seemed so confused, replying something that i couldn’t understand

– It looked like he asked me something –

– And now i know that he must have said “excuse me?”

And soon after, I remember,

My mouth was occupied by the winter

I couldn’t even say “salam” to the others

I thought people might laugh at me

Or even say “excuse me?”

After a tough ten years

I can easily smile now

The people and the snow don’t need to translate my smile

I can walk without being scared that the ground might not understand my feet

But I still have the taste of my first salam on my lips

My first night in Canada, I was so Persian

I was so version

Now, after ten] long years

I don’t usually say “Salam”

And I don’t see the first person on the sidewalk

the middle aged white man

My hair is turning gray

I am standing on the sidewalk, still confused, waiting for my hair to become white.



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