My pains





dKTwtOSome pains are yellow

Some of them are black

Some are red

We are also the same

Some of us are yellow

Some are black

But the reds whitened so sooner


Heart’s girls all became trees

–          Trees with their tress on fire-

To keep the meter of their poems decent

The dark pains

The tiny waist pains

We live this long black hair manly


Tress tress

Kandhar  is taken to Kabul

To keep Minister Akbar Khan’s table full of pomegranates

Hindo Kosh!

How nicely dances

How nicely laughs

How nicely dies

Hindo kosh

On the table of Minister Akbar Khan

The gray pains

The pains full of silence

We mournfully live Hindo Kosh on the Minister Akbar Khan’s table


The school of Divband produces goats

Thoughts  with long beards

Boarding for the border directly to the some dark corners in Kabul

To fill the thirsty table of Minister Akbar Khan

The goats are going to be dark

Very dark

In the painful corners of Kabul

The pain pains

The cold pains

We are in a cold path of our rout

We live the long goatee pains





The virginity of girls

Is sewing

With US red dollars

In the money market of Kabul

Some pains are yellow

Some pains are gutless

The yellow pains

The gutless pains

We yellowly live the red virginities

In the Kabul money market.

Some pains are yellow

Some pains like Kabul money market are gutless



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