Speaking of Being:

Poetry as the Psychoanalysis of Presence; From Language to Lalanguge My Ph.D. dissertation, published on Academia. To read, please click on the link bellow and download the PDF file. https://www.academia.edu/45686459/Speaking_of_Being_Poetry_as_the_Psychoanalysis_of_Presence_From_Language_to_Lalanguge

No home for my words

My Master’s dissertation, published on Academia: To read, please click on the link below and download the PDF file. https://www.academia.edu/8141470/No_home_for_my_words

Ryerson Review of Journalism

By 8 a.m. most days, Mir Mahdavi is walking his customary 15-minute route from his home in western Kabul, greeting the same friendly faces and stopping in the same grocery store for cigarettes before arriving at the three-storey apartment building that houses Aftab (“The Sun”), the weekly newspaper of which he is founder and editor-in-chief. There he makes…

HRW: “Killing You is a Very Easy Thing For Us

Source: Human Rights Watch Security forces in many provinces in Afghanistan, including Kabul, continue to harass, threaten, arrest, and beat up local journalists and editors in Afghanistan to punish them for what they have published or broadcast, or to intimidate them not to publish in the future.240 This section highlights press attacks documented by Human Rights…

The relationship between meaning and being in Bidel Dehlavi’s poetry

Abstract In this essay, I am taking phenomenological and ontological approaches, more of  a Heideggerian engagement to articulate on how Bedil Dehlavi define meaning and how meaning in his poetry functions as the placeholder of Being. As we will discuss, meaning is not easily accessed in Bidel’s works. To understand his works, we must take…